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Clear internet history by deleting the webcache. Clear your search internet history with WebCacheKiller2.

Everytime you open your WebBrowser to surf the internet, your webbrowser records every website and webpage that you visit. It does this for lots of reasons. When it reloads the webpage again, its quicker to re-load off the hard drive, rather than re-visit the website again, and so you see the webpage load quicker. For off-line browsing, handy to view without the internet. Recording history, also good to know what you have viewed in the past in case you want to re-visit the website again. However there is a downside to this behaviour.

Your online data being recorded!

As every website is recorded, it requires hard disk space to store all of those webpages and associated files that are needed to display the webpage. A cache is created, or rather a web-cache. With Microsoft Browsers they store these files in several different ways. The usual way is to store them the refence into a file called the index.dat file. Again this file can grow or shrink in size. Microsoft changed the way it stored the files with the newer versions of internet explorer. Its now called the WebCache-v file. Again they have changed the way its stored, making it more difficult to access, and changed the location of this file. They have also made it much harder to know how to clear cache in internet explorer as well.

How to clean browser history?

How do we clear internet history, it's a simple question, but the answer is complicated. The webcache files are locked, hidden and protected by various microsoft services within the operating system. We have to stop the services which lock these files, unhide and search for the folders, then eventually delete the files which the OS tries to stop us doing. Whew!! It's deliberately made difficult to clear internet explorer cache.

Whats more, as soon as the files are deleted, they are replaced with new copies, again recording the new surfing history, making it necessary to clear internet web-cache again.

Enter WebCacheKiller, precisely that, its a WebCache killer and cleaner?

So we decided to write an application that could do all of this easily and quickly. Its written in old school VB6, a language which has been used for 1000's of apps. This language produces small exe files, not bloated applications which take MegaBytes of space, and are slow in execution. WebCacheKiller can search the harddrive quickly for these files, and will display the headings showing just how many files are hidden on the hard drive. It can also search mulitple partitions, making sure it has found all of the files. Deletion is simple. WebcacheKiller can either automatically clean and delete these files with a timed feature, or you can manually clean the files, by the press of a button.

Signs of a corrupted internet WebCache, how to clear cache in explorer!

The webcache space can also be the cause of a failed and corrupted hard drive. Maybe you have seen the "insufficent hard drive warning", or experienced the "plenty of space but cannot write to the hard drive" sympton. Yes that could be the webcache playing up again. Makes wonder why they could not have designed a better way of storing this data

Is it for security or maybe something more sinister, spying perhaps?

Our online surfing history is our personel business. No-one else has the right to look at what we do. If our surfing history is being recorded, its for us to know, and one else. We surf the internet in our own homes and privacy. What if that history were to become known by third parties. Could they use it against us, probably. This is where WebCacheKiller comes in to its own. It's able to delete the history in real time. While Internet Explorer is still open, it will internet explorer clear cache files in real time and clear cache internet explorer repeatedly. Not with Internet Explorer, which has to be stopped, closed, and then restarted.

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Improve the performance of the WebCache!

The (TIF) short for temporary Internet files, is the webcache of Internet Explorer 7,8,9,10 and 11. Emptying this cache will improve your internet surfing speeds and experience. Clearing this space of files will delete all passwords, and confidental infomation, thus making your pc more secure. Even if you have a virus checker, hackers can still steal this infomation and use it to access emails, bank accounts etc. Its important to look after what you store on your computer, knowing when to delete it. How to clear cache internet explorer and delete cache google and cookies as often as you like.

What is a Web Cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is stored in the webcache, normally in a uniquely named directory. It stores the unique infomation that is needed everytime that you access the same website. It doesn't normally hold personel info, but can contain tracking data. Hackers can be clever and use these cookies to track, retrieve infomation and view the webbrowser history, of your computer.

Are Cookies safe?

Normally there isn't a problem with cookies, but just to be safe, delete them also. More and more websites are now asking visiters to accept the cookies onto the computer before they preceed to browse the website. Why?